ProChem is a Russian trading company, one of the major players in the market, providing customers with grinding media and chemical materials for technical applications, including:
Grinding media for dispersion and milling equipment — glass and ceramic beads for all types of grinding mills
Effect pigments for various decorative and coloring effects. Our pigments are widely used in wallpaper industry, decorative and automotive paints, cosmetics.
Wide range of functional additives, such as product security solutions, and other high-tech materials

We have been operating on the chemical raw materials market for 20 years, and are most active in coating industry, printing, wallpaper manufacturing, cosmetics, injection molding, craft product and decor markets. We have accumulated great experience in these fields.

ProChem offers high quality products for a reasonable price, and is proud for its reliability of delivery and its technical support. We are working with suppliers from USA, South-Eastern Asia and Europe. The quality of our grinding media is certified by ISO and TUV. Permanent quality monitoring supports our brand reputation, helps to keep cooperation with current customers and develop new business.

ProChem always provides open communications and long term relationships to its Suppliers. We prefer only direct cooperation with manufacturers. When selecting partners, our most important criteria are: high quality products for a reasonable price, reliability of delivery, availability of technical support.

ProChem constantly looks for new producers as well as new products for the above-mentioned markets in Russia, including producers of ceramic and glass grinding media, effect organic and non-organic pigments, decorative and functional additives, or colorants. Among our customers there are top producers of paints and varnishes, wallpaper, cosmetics, packaging and printing companies. We are open for cooperation with new foreign manufacturers and would be happy to provide best-in-class representation of your products in the Russian market.

Main Facts

  • Main products: pearlescent pigments, grinding media ( glass beads, ceramic beads), glitters, fluorescent, thermochromic, photochromic pigments, equipment for grinding process.
  • Headquarter in Moscow, warehouse in Moscow.
  • Company turnover is more than 5 000 000 $ per year.
  • Staff – 17 people, including 1 phD, chemists, technical staff.
  • Own laboratory ( Attritor HDDM-01, spectrophotometer Pantone,
    X-RITE, three-roll mill, mixers, dryers, balls mill and other measuring equipment).
  • Own production: pastes/inks according the of the client.

Company History

  • 1999 — Company established.
  • 2000-2006 — Distribution of glitters, grinding media.
  • 2007-2013 — Distribution of pearlescent, photoluminiscent and fluorescent pigments and other effect additives.
  • 2013-2014 — Re-branding. New name — ProChem, LLC.
  • 2015 — Own laboratory for quality control of incoming materials was opened.
  • 2016-2018 — Own production facilities were completed (paints/inks for special projects).