"We supply not just raw materials, we supply quality solutions!"

ProChem is a major player supplying grinding media and chemical materials for technical applications, including:

  • Grinding media for dispersing equipment - glass and ceramic beads for all types of grinding mills
  • Effect pigments for various decorative and coloring effects
  • Various functional additives, such as product security solutions, and other high-tech materials

We have been operating on the chemical raw material market for 15 years, and are most active in paint and varnish manufacturing, printing, wallpaper manufacturing, cosmetics, injection molding, craft product and decor markets. We have accumulated extensive knowledge of product applications for material we supply.
ProChem offers high quality of products at a reasonable price, and prides itself for our reliability of delivery and availability of technical support. We are working with suppliers from USA, South-Eastern Asia and Europe. The quality of our grinding media is certified by ISO and TÜV. Permanent quality monitoring supports our brand reputation, helps to retain existing customers and develop new business.

Our technical beads are used as grinding media in horizontal and vertical mills for ultrafine grinding of inks, pigments, dyes, plant-protection agents, pharmaceutical products, components of ceramic glaze and ultrafine ceramics as well as ore and minerals. Among our clients we can proudly mention leading manufacturers in these product categories.
ProChem offers wide selection of grinding media: high quality glass beads categories S1, S2 and M1, precision borosilicate glassbeads category P, zirconium silicate ceramic beads categories SZ and SZA as well as nano aluminium beads category NA and also high-test zirconium beads yttrium and cerium stabilized categories CYSZ and YSZ.

Our beads feature very high hardness value, durability and toughness. Due to their resistance to abrasion and chemical resistance our beads prevent contamination of product during grinding. Our products are used for grinding products of high viscosity, abrasive and hard materials in many types of grinding mills of all major manufacturers.
We choose to only cooperate directly with manufacturers of material. When selecting partners, our most important criteria are: high quality of products at a reasonable price, reliability of delivery, availability of technical support.

ProChem is constantly on the look for new producers as well as new products for the above-mentioned markets in Russia, including producers of ceramic and glass grinding media, effect organic and non-organic pigments, decorative and functional additives, or colorants. Among our customers are top producers of paint and varnishes, wallpaper, cosmetics, packaging and printing companies. We are open for cooperation with new foreign manufacturers and would be happy to assure best-in-class representation of your products at the Russian market.

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